Child Protection in Angus

Information for children and young people:
About child protection case conferences


A child protection case conference is a meeting arranged by the Social Work Department if there are serious concerns that a child is not being kept safe or looked after properly.

Who will be at the conference?

If the child is old enough to understand, s/he will be invited to the conference. It is important people at the conference know what the child thinks. If the child cannot go to the conference, the social worker or other workers who know the child well will be happy to talk to the child about what s/he thinks and tell this to people at the conference. The child can also write something for the conference.

What is the purpose of the conference?

If the child's name is put on the child protection register there will be another meeting called a child protection planning meeting. This is usually held about 10 days after the conference. At this meeting a plan will be agreed involving the child, family and the workers who know the child, to keep the child safe.

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